Following a report by WP/WR a few days ago about the work by Friedensdorf International in Obsershausen, the Hüsten-based company Bayha & Strackbein (BASTRA) decided to support the children in Oberhausen financially this year.

At the Fish International fair 2012 in Bremen, BASTRA demonstrated its tried-and-trusted liquid smoke technology within the context of “transparent production”.  Under real conditions, visitors to the fair were able to find out about the individual process steps. The walk-in production line operated jointly with the companies Die Räucherei, Red Arrow and Pronacon provided a fascinating insight into the entire smoking process.

Bayha & Strackbein GmbH has been developing, producing and selling BASTRA brand cooking kettles for more than 50 years. The consistent use of high-quality materials and components as well as the high quality of workmanship and the latest technological standards make it possible to meet today's requirements for functionality, productivity and economic efficiency.

With its ceiling-mounted air-conditioning units Bayha & Strackbein offers economic solutions for climatic maturing or post-ripening processes in existing rooms. The BASTRA DG 1210 model is used for equipping climatic maturing rooms.

For their specific production conditions, both trade and industry will find individually configurable cooking and smoking installations at BASTRA, Arnsberg.