A disinfection tray for shoe soles as well as a disinfectant dispenser for hands in the compact hygiene sluice KHS guarantee perfectly hygienic access.

The intensive cooling installations from BASTRA from Arnsberg are used for the fast cooling of meat and sausage products. The products can thus be cooled and dried immediately after production in universal cooking and smoking installations or cooking chambers.

All cooking kettles of the BASTRA brand are manufactured by Bayha & Strackbein, Arnsberg, in a self-supporting construction made entirely of stainless steel with a seamlessly welded, hygienic kettle insert and efficient full insulation.

The Industrial Line product range from Bayha & Strackbein (BASTRA), Arnsberg/Germany, includes multi-trolley universal cooking and smoking installations for up to ten trolleys, climatic maturing and climatic maturing smoking installations for up to 42 trolleys as well as post-ripening installations with a capacity of up to 100 trolleys.

The Nieß butcher’s shop in Mülheim has been enjoying an upward trend for years. In order to continue this development and remain competitive, the two owner families decided about two years ago to modernise their production area and at the same time to purchase a universal installation.