For industrial tasks

The Industrial Line product range from Bayha & Strackbein (BASTRA), Arnsberg/Germany, includes multi-trolley universal cooking and smoking installations for up to ten trolleys, climatic maturing and climatic maturing smoking installations for up to 42 trolleys as well as post-ripening installations with a capacity of up to 100 trolleys.

Universal cooking and smoking installations (hot smoking installations) are equipped with a separate machine module from four trucks upwards, which can be positioned according to individual spatial conditions. The multi-layer insulation of the wall elements, which are 90 mm thick, contributes to energy-efficient operation. Optionally, all installations in the product line can also be equipped with space-saving, upward-opening jet doors. The stainless steel control cabinet with glass panel control GPTec 500 or optionally with the touch screen control TS 800 each form independent and thus freely positioning units.

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