New technology creates competitive advantages

The Nieß butcher’s shop in Mülheim has been enjoying an upward trend for years. In order to continue this development and remain competitive, the two owner families decided about two years ago to modernise their production area and at the same time to purchase a universal installation.

The Gebrüder Nieß butcher’s shop in Mülheim can look back on more than 100 years of family tradition. Founded in 1903, the company has been managed in the fourth generation by brothers Heinz-Günther and Frank Nieß together with their wives Annette and Bettina for 20 years now.

At the company headquarters in the Ruhr region, 36 employees work in production, sales and the party service. The entire range of meat products – almost 80 percent of which come from the company’s own production – has so far been successfully marketed widely even without the company having its own branches. The speciality of the house, in particular, the multi-award-winning meat sausage, is known far beyond the city limits.

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